Bray Days: The Beginning

I'm in the midst of a summer residency at the Archie Bray Foundation. The combination of ceramic talent, rolling hills, and long days make Helena, MT the perfect place to be in the summer. This is truly an amazing place to live and work.

Here is the pictorial story of my first three weeks. For daily photos follow me on Instagram @carterpottery.

My next door neighbor Adam Field working on an Onggi Jar.

Linda Lopez working on one of her intricate sculptures.

Mt. Ascension, Mallory Wetherell at Spring Meadow Lake, the Helena mountain bike shuttle, and the view during one of Tara Wilson and I's weekly mountain bike trips.

I came out here to make pots right? There are so many great outdoor distractions but I promise I am working hard in the studio. I've been working through new bowl ideas while I test a new clay at a new temperature. The yunomi at the top was one of the first successful pots I've made during my time here. Looking forward to a full glaze firing in the next week.

I've had the great fortune to interview my fellow residents for the podcast. Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama were here for the month of June teaching a workshop and making pots. The interview I did with Matt will be uploaded tomorrow so make sure to check it out. Here is Matt in his studio with a wall full of vase sketches.

Adam Field and I just recorded an interview as well. He has had an interesting life with lots of international travel and good stories. His interview will go up next week.

More to come soon!


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    1. Hello Lori,
      I'll let her know you said hello. Have you ever been out to the Bray? Have a good day.