Cup: The Intimate Object IX opens at the Charlie Cummings Gallery

Brenda Quinn

Carolanne Currier

Katherine Boswell

Jenny Gawronski

Katie Susko

Marty Fielding

Kyle Ronan Peterson

The Charlie Cummings Gallery has just opened this year's installment of Cup: The intimate Object. I look forward to this show every year because it feels like a "state of the union" for functional potters. This show is often my introduction to new potters and new trends within the field. This year didn't disappoint and I found a whole host of new people to research and enjoy. The images above are of my favorites from the show.

The other aspect of this show that I love is seeing how my pottery hero's work is evolving. Will Baker, Chandra Debuse and Mark Errol are all people that I have followed for years. I am great admirers of their individual approaches to clay and they are all making work within their signature style while producing individual pieces that push the body of work forward.

Will Baker

Chandra Debuse

Mark Errol

Here are a few of the cups I sent for the show. The finger swipe yunomi plays with the idea of creative chaos. I am trying to create a frenetic sense of energy in the overall pattern. The while yunomi aims for the exact opposite sensation. The pattern and color choices are all about rest and stillness. I've been enjoying the contrast between these two a lot lately.

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