Kansas City Live Ramble with Cary Esser, Tommy Frank, and Meredith Host

Cary Esser

Tommy Frank

Folded Pigs Dinnerware by Meredith Host

Dot Dot Dash by Meredith Host

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have a panel discussion featuring Cary Esser, Meredith Host and Tommy Frank. Each panelist is a ceramic artist that balances their art career with a business oriented profession. Our discussion centers around how creativity is an asset in the business world. We discuss the creative overlap between art making and teaching, running a small business or managing an art center.

Cary Esser is a professor and chair of the ceramics department at the Kansas City Art Institute. You can find our more about her architectural tile and sculpture at www.caryesser.com. Meredith Host is a full time studio artist and entrepreneur who has developed the Dot Dot Dash and Folded Pigs lines of dinnerware. You can find out more about her work at www.meredithhost.com. Tommy Frank is the studio manager of Red Star Studios. You can find our more about his sculptural ceramics at www.frankarts.com. The discussion was taped live at Red Star Studios in Kansas City, MO. To find our more about the programs Red Star has to offer please visit www.redstarstudios.org.

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