Jason Burnett, Sunshine Cobb and Doug Peltzman on defining success early in a career

Doug Peltzman

Sunshine Cobb

Jason Burnett
Doug Peltzman
Sunshine Cobb

Jason Burnett

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have a panel discussion with Jason Burnett, Sunshine Cobb, and Doug Peltzman. Our conversation covers many topics including seeking sources for constructive criticism, reevaluating life goals after accruing academic debt, and defining success early in a career.

Jason Burnett is an artist living in Gatlinburg, TN. For more information about his work please visit www.jasonbigeburnett.com. Sunshine Cobb is a potter living in Sacramento, CA. For more information on her work please visit www.sunshinecobb.com. Doug Peltzman is a potter living in the Hudson Valley area of New York. For more information on his work please visit www.dougpeltzman.com. 

Sunshine Cobb photo by Debbie Williamson


  1. Hi Ben, I have been listening to Tales of a Red Clay Rambler and love hearing juicy stuff about making pots. I already regret not making it out to Calgary for your workshop at Northmount Pleasant. Your interviews have guided me through a tough decision (its not over yet!) whether to go back to school or whether to dive in and set up a studio in my home after 10 years working in community studio. Something Doug Peltman said makes me want to hear more on what it means to be a parent and a professional potter. Could you round up a discussion on that? Some questions in particular that I have are what are the different stressors and satisfactions that father/potters have and mother/potters. What sources of support are most helpful to them and why. It'd be great to hear from potters at a variety of stages in their careers. Love your insights!



    1. Hello Kerri,
      Thanks for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed this episode. Your suggestion for a panel on pottery and parenthood is a good one. I'll start rounding up a group for that in the near future.

      So what did you decide on school vs. studio life?

      Hope all is well up north.