The Proposal

Check out Norah Jones: Live at Le Poisson Rouge

Me: Hello, can I speak to Ms. Jones please?
Norah: Yes, This is her.
Me: uh...uh....Will you Marry me?
Norah: NO.
Me: Please?
Norah: Nope.
Me: Ok, ok, can you at least play your guitar more?
Norah: Maybe.....Click. (Dial tone)

So just when I thought I couldn't crush any harder on Norah Jones she comes out at a show in NYC playing a hollow body Gibson. How hot is that? I was surprised to see that she can actually play. She doesn't take many solos but she's pretty solid on rhythm. I posted a link to the video above.
Her new album The Fall has a whole host of great new tunes. It opens with a great bass drum groove called Chasing Pirates. The tune Tell Yer Mama is a little bit Nancy Sinatra mixed with Johnny Cash. At least half of the other tunes have a similar groove that is missing from her older music. After reading a interview she credits listening to Tom Waits and working with the rapper Qtip for her new groove. Once again it goes to show that a little bit of Tom Waits makes everything a lot better.
In that spirit check out a great show by Mr. Waits from the legendary Fox Theater in Atlanta. I believe it will be released as a live album called Glitter and Doom. Check it out here.

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