Emily Reason's new book Ceramics for Beginner: Wheel Throwing

Just got a copy of this book in the mail. Emily has provided a general survey of throwing techniques and ceramic knowledge. There are step by step instructions on throwing projects for beginner and intermediate throwers. I especially like the section on tulipiers. She throws a closed form and then cuts a lid with display holes. This is a nice efficient solution. I have been working on flower bricks lately and I tend to make them too complicated. Her simple form will complement the flowers without overwhelming them.
I was fortunate to have images included (pg79 & 101) in the bowl and teapot sections. There are artist images that relate to the forms in each section. Some of the ones that jump out to me are Brooke Noble's cups, Kristen Keiffer's Jar and Leane Ashe's brush work on her plates.
The book can be purchased on Amazon.com. Click here for link.

Emily also recently had a feature article in Ceramics Montly. Her pots look great and its a nice article. Click here for article

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