MFA Show- Gather Round- Dessert ware edition

"Gather Round is a collection of functional pottery that reflects the hospitality and generosity of my cultural heritage. The pots serve to share the nostalgia of traditional family meals with the viewer. Gather Round uses color, pattern, and form to create nostalgia. The dogwood, campanula, and honeysuckle patterns establish a regional aesthetic that relates to the casual nature of folk art. The color palette links the viewer to the early 20th century when communal meals were the core of familial relationships. Gather Round evokes traditions of community, while embodying personal times that are a counterpoint to our work-centered individual-first society."
If you're in the Gainesville area I have a reception Friday April 16th from 7-9. I will be showing with seven other grads from the University of Florida. I'll give you a ham biscuit if you come early...

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  1. Your work looks great; I hope I can make it up there next week.