NCECA-Santa Fe Clay's La Mesa- Snyder and Snipes

I'm just sifting through the images I took at NCECA. As always the La Mesa show was great. Really enjoyed these plates by Stacy Snyder. I like how the blue striped pattern continues between the two plates. Its interesting to see how the motif works on the cup (vertical form) versus the plates (horizontal form). The bilateral symmetry on the cut rims in really nice also. To look at her work more visit http://www.stacysnyder.com/

Kevin Snipes set was interesting. They function loosely as a set. I'm interested in how much information you have to give to form a set. Sometimes its color, sometimes form, sometimes drawing style. With this set, the drawing style and color palette are the unifying characteristics of the set. Even with these characteristics they read like individuals in a crowd. They are unified in the same way that New Yorkers are members of a community, not like your immediate family are members of a community. Maximum individuality, minimum uniformity. Its a challenging nontraditional view of a set. I would like to learn from his approach.

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