World Expo- The trip over

Shanghai is the host city for the World Expo this year. Held every four years, the World Expo showcases the top technology, culture, and art from the participating nations. The tradition dates back to 1851 when England/Ireland co-hosted the Great Exhibition.(Click here for more History) This was the first post-industrial revolution gathering of the worlds economic powers. The 2010 Expo has 190 nations and 50 international groups participating. This years theme Better City Better Life focuses on urban growth and renewal.

Each participant builds a temporary pavilion that showcases their own country while addressing the theme of the Expo. A museum studies Phd dissertation could be written on the variety of displays, styles, and methods that are used to convey the information at the Expo. Some take a conservative approach with simple displays, while others take the Disney approach with special effects, movies, and digital presentations. Many pavilions regularly have two to four hour lines just to get in the door. For more info on this years Expo Click Here.

I will continue to post about my trips to the Expo over the next few months.  The pictures above are from my second trip. My friends and I took a ferry across the Huangpo river to get into the Expo. We timed it just right to see the sun set as we crossed.

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