Flora at the Schaller Gallery

The Schaller Gallery is presenting Flora for the month of August. Images from top to bottom- Brenda Quinn, Daniel Ricardo Teran, Naomi Cleary, Stacy Snyder, and Ursula Hargans. (Click here for the full show)

Themed shows like this are great to show the breadth of work that is being produced by studio ceramicists . In every theme show there are a few artists that approached the concept in a unique way. Check out Daniel Ricardo Teran's Plate. Great composition with a fresh sgraffito drawing. Usually a mountaineer pulling a man's eye open with a grappling hook wouldn't fit into the Flora theme but it seems refreshing to me. I really enjoy the scale change and the vibrant color of Ursula Hargans' plate. I feel like those leaves are going to jump off the plate and brush against me.

The show was curated by Kyla Strid and features Linda Arbuckle, Kyle Carpenter, Victoria Christen, Naomi Cleary, Adam Field, Ursula Hargens, Molly Hatch, Richard Hensley, Cathi Jefferson, Forrest Lesch Middleton, Brenda Quinn, Phil Rogers, Stacy Snyder, Kyla Strid, Daniel Ricardo Teran, Ann Tubbs.

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