Blogging Tip of the Day- Add a Favicon

As I am working on my blog format I thought I would share tidbits of how to alter a blogger based website. I give all credit to Tips for New Bloggers. This site offers easy to follow instructions on the ends and outs of building websites using Blogger.

Todays tweak is to add a Favicon to the site. Favicons are the images that appear next to your websites title in the browser tab. You can create an image that will distinguish your page from the others that the viewer is seeing while they are browsing. Their are programs (like Imagicon) that will help turn a jpeg image into icon image with an .ico file extension, or you can try Googling "favicon" for lots of generic icons. I choose to use the icon that I use for my regular website. It is a C that is in a font similar to Bookman Old Style. Simple graphics that are high contrast are easiest to see. Most companies use their simplest logo.

Click here for a detailed explanation of how to add a Favicon to your website.

(Todays blog tip is brought to you by the letter "F". F is for Favicon, Foot long hotdogs and trimmed Feet. Lets here it kids for the letter "F")


  1. you got some very nice feet :)

  2. Thanks Mel. I just checked out your food blog. Its making me hungry. No more posts for that one?

  3. Hmmm, I think I forgot I had that one - maybe I'll have to start posting again. I'll be getting my local veggies in in May, so will think about something until then. Thanks for reminding me :)