Working with negative space while tweaking my blog layout

I'm on a short studio hiatus as PWS moves to a new studio this week. I unloaded a bisque kiln full of mugs, tumblers, serving bowls, and noodle bowls. They went directly into a cardboard box where they will live for the next few weeks. This last batch of pots has been focused on opening up more space in my decoration. I'm thinking about the power of negative space both as a visual tool and a metaphor for the intangibles that shape life. I tend to error on the side of excess so its been a great challenge to say more with less. Less decoration, less words, less consumption, just less in general.

I'm devoting part of my hiatus to tweaking my blog format. After a few hours of reading I managed to alter the  template HTML of the blog to include a navigation bar in the header. I found a great website that makes editing HTML actually seem possible. Check out http://tips-for-new-bloggers.blogspot.com if you need help with any blogger edits.

Please excuse the broken links for the next week as I figure out how to make this all work right.
Happy potting/tweaking!


  1. nice tweaking and mugs! i'm in the process of some online winter projects as well. looking forward to checking out your music list- wanting some new tunes myself!

  2. Thanks Joy. I got so many suggestions from FB people on new music. Ill send you a list of the good ones once I sort through them. Good luck with the online projects.