It's a small world after all- Joy Tanner's Shanghai Fan Club

I walked into my class the other day to find a student in full concentration trying to copy a pitcher from Lark Book's 500 Pitchers book. She had made eight versions but was struggling with the proportions. As I looked closer I realized that the pitcher was made by my old studio mate Joy Tanner. I explained to my student, Shao Lingzhi, that I knew Joy and we both laughed at how small the ceramic world is. I used to watch Joy make lots of these when we were at the Odyssey Center together so I sat down to show Lingzhi how to make the lip of that pitcher just right. This shows yet again that our pots can travel long distances thanks to the internet and international publishing. You can view more of Joy's work at http://joytannerpottery.com or visit her blog Journeys In and Around the Studio.

I was lucky to be at the Odyssey Center with many talented artists. Here is a picture of the residents around 2005. Left to right you have Annie Singletary, Joy Tanner, Cassie Ryalls, Anne Bartges, and Tommy Frank. Through out my time at Odyssey I also shared space with Will Baker, Emily Reason, Stephen CheekLeAnne Ash, and many more. There are so many great artists that I got to know in the greater Asheville area. It is still my favorite city and the most inspiring ceramic community I have encountered. If you get a chance stop by the Odyssey Center for a summer workshop or a class.

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  1. Thanks Ben! It is a small world! That's pretty cool you walked into that! Hope you're doing great!