New work fresh from Photoshop

I keep promising myself I'll blog about my recent travels but those posts are getting pushed farther down the to-do list. This week has been dedicated to glazing, packing and photographing. I shipped out 7 boxes today and hopefully I'll get the last few out tomorrow. The business side of this clay business always takes more time than I think it should. 

Here are a few shots that I enjoyed from recent shoots. I especially dig the last one of the smallest teapot I have made to date. It is tiny but it packs a punch! The others you might notice from previous In the Studio posts. Seeing the work glazed always gets me pumped to make some more. The finished product is the visual reward that follows the rewards of making.


  1. Ben that is a delightful little teapot. I always like to see the little nuggies of slip where the pot was touched during that stage; the records of the hand, of process, breathing life into the most considered surface. I also appreciate that juicy and lively GREEN! Don't fear the chrome, it's your friend! Hope you're doing very well.