Shanghai University International Artist Residency

These images where taken during a week long workshop/symposium at Shanghai University. Nine artists from China, Japan and the U.S. got together to work in the studio and eat alot of good Chinese food. The participating artists are Chen Guanghui, Wu Hao, Yu Ping, Wan Li Ya, Yu Hongbin, Takeshi Yasuda, Shawn O'connor, Dryden Wells and myself. A huge thank you to Stephanie Chung for providing these images and to Chen Guanghui for organizing the workshop.

One of my favorite aspects of the workshop was working beside Takeshi Yasuda. I soaked in as much of his demonstrations as I could. I found myself continually stopped on my wheel watching what he was doing. I was also fortunate to sit down with Takeshi for an interview that covers his fifty year career in clay. He will be on the next episode of the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast which I hope to post some time this week.

Shawn O'Connor

Wan Li Ya

Wu Hao

Yu Hong Bin's sculptures

Dryden Wells

Chen GuangHui

For my five days in the studio I focused on designing a new British style teaset complete with teapot, cups/saucers and a sugar/creamer set. This was a test run for the forms I hope to perfect during my Denmark residency at Guldagergaard starting next week. I'm looking forward to digging deeper with this set.

I also worked with the flower brick form that I have been developing recently. I decided to super size it. Great fun to work at the 18 inch scale.

This workshop will be capped with an exhibition in early December at the Shanghai University Gallery. I'll post more images of the exhibition when it is installed.

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