Jim Skutt on the history of Skutt Kilns and the development of internet-based kiln monitoring

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast I have an interview with Jim Skutt. After an early career away from the family business, Jim returned to the kiln company in 1987 where he has been an integral part ever since. In the interview we talk about the history of Skutt kilns, the viability of microwave kilns for studio potters, and the development of internet-based kiln monitoring. For more information please visit www.skutt.com.

In the interview we also talk about the futurist writer Gary Golden's thoughts on technology. I couldn't find the exact article Jim mentioned but you can find more information at www.garygolden.com.  Here are the ideas paraphrased.
1. Technology is amoral. It will be used for both good and evil.
2. Technology reproduces itself and spreads once created. Once the genie is out of the bottle it never goes back in.
3. The price of technology continues to come down as it spreads.
The development of Kiln Link was a breakthrough for Skutt into the world of internet-based kiln monitoring. Kiln Link collects information and runs diagnostics through the cloud while allowing the user to monitor the kiln's progress from a PC, or smart phone. In the interview Jim joked about Skutt becoming a software company, which highlights how important the wired world has become to both studio potters and equipment manufacturers. 

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