Honeysuckle plates traveling down the deco train.

Finally finished decorating a batch of plates that was buried in plastic. I started them back in late April. These shots are of a honeysuckle set that is based on an octagonal quilt pattern. Imagine the negative space of the table being the solid border around the quilt square. I like the idea that they are symmetrical when they are on the table before the meal. As the person fills their plate the deco and food change into an asymmetrical layout. 

I got to see a great patch of honeysuckle at St. Pete Clay when I was there for NCECA. I caught them right at sunset. They were one of the big highlights of the trip.


  1. Beautiful designs, Ben! But I've come to expect that from you!

  2. Thanks Michael. This is my favorite time of year to paint. I can almost smell the honeysuckle now.