The Red Rambler makes the top 5 of 50 Cool Ceramics Blogs.....whooppeee!

The website Guide to Art Schools picked Tales of a Red Clay Rambler as one of the top five ceramic related blogs. I am excited and grateful for the honor. I was surprised to see that their favorite post was one that I wrote about Terra Sig.  Glad to know the technical posts don't fall on deaf ears. For the whole list of the top 50 click here

There were a few mysterious absences from the top 50. Makes me realize I should make a list of blogs that I read regularly. A quick top three... Michael Kline's Sawdust and Dirt, Carter Gillies Pottery Blog, and Joy Tanner's Pottery Blog. I definitely have to do a top 20 because it took ten minutes to figure out the top 3. 

50 Cool Ceramics Blogs

man making pottery on a wheelEver since our days in preschool, making the most interesting shapes with that ever-malleable Play-Do, we have all nursed an inner passion for the dishware and artwork that pottery and ceramics generate. Some of us even go on to make fabulous and vivid careers creating beautiful pieces out of terra cotta, porcelain, or any other well-suited material. What about for those of us who'd preserve to observe the beauty, and not so much delve into it?
Thankfully, we here have compiled this listing of the Internet's best blogs on the art of ceramics. Click around, and shape your favorites. 

Top Five

  1. SlipcastSlipcast, one of the most respected and informative ceramics blogs around, does not carry a slipshod attitude when it comes to excellent posts on pottery. New York-based Matthew Katz helms the site, which focuses on providing quirky insights into the ceramics art form, as well as appreciated human interest narratives involving pottery. It also provides a hefty, if infrequently updated, blog roll of other worthwhile ceramics sites.
    • Why We Love It: A great blog to get your ceramics toes wet, Matt's site on what makes pottery worthwhile will make you into a fan.
    • Favorite Post: Reading Tea Stains
  2. Josie Goes to PotHave you ever wished you could find a bit more insight on the workaday life of a ceramics expert artisan, or any artist for that matter? Avail yourself of Josie's wittily named pottery blog. Though it's clear that Josie needs to make a living and encourages visitors to her blog to check out what new artwork is on sale, there's never any pressure made to confirm your adoration of Josie with a purchase. Overall, it's a great portrait of the potter as an artist with feeling.
    • Why We Love It: This is a great ceramics artist blog that lets you into the real side of living with a passion for pottery.
    • Favorite Post: It's Beginning
  3. Support Your Local PotterOne could potentially think of Texas as too arid to support authentic artistry. Don't let blogger Brandon Philips get word of your suspicions on the state; he's mined Lonestar country for true ceramics fertility. His blog chronicles his real, gritty, and often glorious experiences as a man of the ceramics craft. He does not refrain from sharing honest and heartfelt anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of a not-always-lucrative career in the art form.
    • Why We Love It: A stellar and straightforward blog that makes it clear that the rough blows of everyday life can result in great work.
    • Favorite Post: Invincible
  4. Tales of a Red Clay RamblerBlogger Ben Carter has composed one of the most comprehensive and well-realized blog sites around on the life and lessons that blossom from a commitment to ceramics. Ben has traveled as far as Shanghai to promote and perfect his knowledge of the craft, and such hard-won savvy permeates all of the posts on offer here. Readers will learn a ton here.
    • Why We Love It: An excellent blog that proves how a dedication to real art can result in beautiful pottery.
    • Favorite Post: Perfect Terra Sig
  5. A Plate A DayRemember when Mom asked you to clear your plate after every meal? Should she have visited this site, she would have also demanded that you consecrate a shrine to your favorite eating ware. This blog impassions its visitors to drool over the absolute best in that ceramic specialty, plates -- being careful not to salivate on the artwork. Every day brings in a new, beautiful selection. The writers are also polite enough to link readers to shops and sites where the plates can be purchased and loved more.
    • Why We Love It: A great blog for someone well versed in pottery and wanting to focus on plates, or anyone who loves delectable dishware.
    • Favorite Post: #574

Source: http://www.guidetoartschools.com/library/best-ceramics-blogs#ixzz1M7EYHreq

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  1. Thanks for including me in your list! Its pretty humbling even knowing that other folks read what I have to say much less look forward to my posts or enjoy the discussions. There is a lot to aspire to, and you set the bar pretty high with your blog.

    We are truly fortunate that folks like you are here to share so much of yourselves and foster such an open and embracing community among online potters. I think this exchange of ideas has had a positive impact on how folks are practicing their craft. I know it has for me. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog! You are deserving of this honor.