The blog hits lucky number 10,000

Tales of a Red Clay Rambler just reached 10,000 visits! I'm very appreciative for everyone's support over the years. The blog has become one of the main ways I communicate with fellow artists and friends. The feed back and support I have received has been a much needed life line throughout my travels.

I'll be doing a cup give away in the next few weeks to celebrate and thank you guys. More details to come. Thanks again.


  1. 10,000! That's amazing! Your mugs are lovely . . . love that spot of yellow.

  2. They are all lucky numbers! Congrats on 10,000. That is an awesome milestone--and it says a lot. You consistently post interesting content. It keeps us comin' back for more!

  3. Thanks guys. You two have been some of my most loyal readers. I appreciate your support very much. Enjoy your week.