Jazz guitarist Josh Maxey's new album Approach

Jazz guitarist/composer Josh Maxey's latest offering, Approach, is a straight ahead trio album featuring Brian Charette on Hammond B3 organ and McClenty Hunter on drums. (For more information click here.) This stripped down lineup allows plenty of room for the musicians to improv over the compositions. In a radio age flush with heavily produced songs it is refreshing to hear the clean sound of three musicians with only their instruments.

Approach is the second album in an extended suite of six. Maxey falls into the uber-productive category with his plan to release the suite within two years. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this musical feat. Imagine having six solo shows that relate to each other but are independent in their own right over the span of twenty four months.

I plan to post a full interview with Mr. Maxey about his life and music in the near future. I've uploaded three songs to the music player on the right side bar of this blog. They are the title track from Maxey's release Incarnate, "Lineage" from the Approach album, and "Light and Sound" from Maxey's early band Plan A. I've also posted "Greens and Blues" from the Incarnate album below. It features guitar great Rodney Jones sitting in with Maxey. Enjoy!


  1. On my way to iTunes to download this right now. This is some very good jazz.

  2. Lori, not yet on iTunes. =)

    You can DL at this link and thank you very much.