Check out my studio visit in the December issue of Ceramics Monthly

I'm very excited to be featured in the December issue of Ceramics Monthly. I want to thank Jessica Knapp for asking me to submit the article about my studio life in China. She deserves a high five for the work she put into making this happen. You can access this article on Ceramics Monthly's site by clicking here. To learn more about the Pottery Workshop organization that I am a part of please visit our site by clicking here.

To download the article for better viewing click here.


  1. Congrats and the photos are super. Love that big table you have in the center and all those nice ware racks; looks like a great space to work in.

  2. This is awesome Ben! Congratulations!

  3. hi ben,
    congrats on the cm article, it was enlightening and very well written... kudos. i envy the experience of working in china, it sounds like a fantastic opportunity. nice pots too.

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys. This experience has been great. The studio, the people and the support I have received have all be top notch. I hope you guys get to travel here at some point. In many ways China is a ceramic paradise. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hi Ben
    I love this site...just found it now that I am in Sydney and can access it!!!!
    Have been trying to email you re the fritts that I must bring back and other stuff...
    Please send me your email address in the US
    Have a good flight!